Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Will Leave the Island?

Hello, all.
I have potentially good news. It however could be deeply frustrating news. I just don't know.

After fiddling with the Blogger interface, I figured out how to get access to the original Ragemonkey site. It filled me with a guilty little thrill to find myself back in the dusty corridors. Also, the asset is if Fr. Hamilton were to be tempted to come back, I wouldn't have to reconfigure a bunch of stuff. Here's the problem though. I am not sure Blogger will let me change some of the settings, specifically the email address. I am just barely keeping up with one email much less two.

So, here's the vote. Either stay here or go back to the original Island. Which should I do? You let me know while I try to send some posts over to Ragemonkey Prime and see what happens. It may all be moot, but it will be worth the effort.

Leave your thoughts please.


[ s ] said...

forward the email to your current email. it's a lot easier than messing with the program. Or, invite yourself (permissions) with your new email. Problem solved.


Anthony Keiser said...

My vote is to go back to the original Island due to this fact and this fact alone: so many Catholic bloggers and other sites still have active links to the original Catholic Ragemonkey.

That's my opinion.