Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome to the Junta!

Afternoon, all.

Remember when I mentioned that I quit blogging because it became to much work. One aspect of that comes from the comboxes. Some blogs managed just fine without comboxes. I personally always thought the combox was a good idea because it allows for immediate feedback and discussion; that and I am a full blown approval junkie and loved get those "great post" messages. However, many folks lack the ability to participate in a conversation online because the temptation to go scorched earth on someone begs resistance. So, the careful blogger must also monitor comments, which can take forever.

All of this goes to say, if you want to leave a comment, super. I look forward to readers putting in their two cents. When you do so, please place your thoughts in the most gracious, charitible, and understanding way. Make them sweet so that if you have to eat them later, they will go down all the easier.

If you don't, be advised, the comment will be erased. Period. I have enough negativity, as does the world, in my life, without commenters burning down the house while they are on it. I think you can argue a point without gutting the opposition. You may argue; you may not quarrel.

Okay, enough from me. After a speedy grilled cheese, I am headed to the gym. I need an energy boost.

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Dayton said...

Well I have a thing or two to say about your "negativity" policy!

sounds good :)

Wecome back Father, now there will something worth reading again on the Intertubes.