Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Battle Front

Okay, kids, here's the situation. I blew it. Threw myself under the bus. Behaved in a way that was both ghetto and bush league all at once. Total rank amateur.

I weighed in on Tuesday evening before the evening Holy Hour. I was horrified that I had gone up three pounds! How did that happen? I had stuck to program except for a couple of days. Part of me that that I landed on the scale funny but be that as it may, I posted a gain and wasn't happy about it.

Now, as I headed home because I had done otherwise so well, I decided to treat myself to pizza. Big Mistake. Let's just say we have a fight on our hands.

So, I am not expecting a loss this Monday. It's just not in the cards. But I am going to give myself a small penance. I don't think this will help erase the gain, but it will help erase the attitude (hopefully) that leads to these moments. I am consciously not going to eat my activity points. For some of you, you are thinking that isn't going to be a big deal, but for me, it's huge. It's a matter of learning to live with what I have and not using exercise to indulge in bad habits. So regardless of weight, I am going to win this fight!

And I went to Pilates this morning.


LeapingLambs said...

Being kind to yourself is always a good thing. :) Kudos to you!!!

You should be very proud of the progress you've made and continue to make.



Fr. S.T. said...

Oh, I am proud. But at the same time, I have to remind myself that the journey is not over. The only way is to fire up the lightsaber.