Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Hey, everyone. Sorry about not posting but things here have been a bit out of sorts. I have some post ideas that I am bringing out including one which will explain the appropriateness of the Ragemonkey moniker. It can't be missed. That doesn't really answer the question: what have I been up to?

Well, you see, I have always considered myself an up and coming Bond villian. Admit it; you know and I know that if people just listened to me more often, things would be a lot jollier. This blog already has two followers. That's a good start to a global army, isn't it? So, I have been trolling the internets for secret bases. You would be amazed at how affordable they have become since the housing bubble burst. I have my eye on one of those volcano bases - the geothermal energy is very green, but when the secret agent shows up, it's a bit too easy to destroy. We don't need another Krakatoa. Mainly I am looking for a place with good communications equipment, a pool to store vicious, or ravenous, or ill-tempered mutated sea creatures (head-mounted lasers are optional), and all utilities paid. If you see anything, let me know. Till next time...

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Chris Favre said...

As a Bond villain, your army will need uniforms. Perhaps you could recycle the style of the other villains and opt for the one-piece silver satin flight suit. Maybe go with a nice Dominican crest down the front of the suit. Arm your army with Rosary and Bible, rather than the usual Sten machine gun.

Then again, do you want your army to look menacing, or like a troop of overgrown Umpa Lumpa Bible Thumpers???

Good luck on your quest, and remember to be Catholic is to be counter-cultural.